Group discusses challenge of encouraging high school media to go online

Sally Renaud discussed how the AEJMC meeting in Chicago could be an opportunity to bring scholastic journalism organizations and the commercial press together to discuss going online. Photo by Casey Kochey

We wrapped up Aaron Manfull’s presentation with a discussion of some of the challenges in trying to get more student media to include online media.

Some said that advisers aren’t signing up for summer journalism workshop classes that focus on how to create a website.

Directors of summer workshops need to rethink how they promote that kind of workshop — with advisers realizing they will have a product at the end of the workshop.

An adviser can attend with a student so they are taking on online as a team — and the adviser doesn’t have to know how to do everything.

Teresa White (Indiana) said working one-on-one can be the solution. With three trips to a high school, Teresa had helped the adviser have a student media website online. Her visit included meeting with the school technology staff.

Sally Renaud (Eastern Illinois) said that having media go online isn’t just at the high school level. In Illinois, a large number of the commercial newspapers do not have websites.

We’ll keep discussing these issues as today’s sessions continue.

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