Celebrating running on Global Running Day

running in Garden of the Gods

The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is one of the many places I’ve run while on vacation. Important to make sure you take into account how changes in the altitude and temperature may affect your running.

I didn’t know it was Global Running Day until hours after I’d run.

I’d run because, well, that’s what I do most days. I’ve been running about three or four days a week for more than 30 years. [For years, I was running six days a week, but I’ve incorporated more cross training with cycling, hiking, walking and yoga.]

When I started my run on that day, it was lightly raining, but within about a half mile, the sky opened up. I gave up trying to navigate around puddles on the sidewalks and trails and just splashed through them. I was reminded of the time I ran the Derby Half-Marathon in Louisville in a downpour the entire way, thankfully reaching the finish line before I had blisters.

Over the years, I’ve run in a range of weather conditions – from the deceptive heat of the Zion National Park to snow in Tennessee. Most runs haven’t been in threatening weather but on warm afternoons or breezy mornings. I’ve put in a lot of miles on sidewalks around town, on trails, and on the beach. I’ve run solo, with friends, and with crowds during road races.

Peachtree Road Race

The Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta on July 4th has been one of my favorite races. I’ve run in the race more than a dozen times. This popular race is capped at 50,000 runners.

I feel blessed to have found a fitness activity that I enjoy so much. Running has improved my health, has provided a great way to enjoy friends and family, and has introduced me to many places I wouldn’t have otherwise experienced. My most recent “unique experience” run was running the Salomon Run in Barcelona, including running on the Olympic track.

I began running soon after completing my undergraduate degree. I had enjoyed playing field hockey and basketball in college and was looking for a fitness activity. I played tennis, racquetball and basketball – but all required courts, other players and sometimes fees. Two of my friends – Caroline from church and Jim from work – encouraged me to try running. I started running with each of them to stay in shape to be ready for other recreation activities. But after running for several months, I realized that I really enjoyed running.

Running has been a special part of my life, and that’s why I’m glad I ran on Global Running Day.

Note: Global Running Day (also called National Running Day in the US) is the first Wednesday in June, which was June 7, 2017. According to the Global Running Day website, I was one of more than 1,249,700 participants.

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