LeConte Lodge – cabins, llamas & mountaintop views

cabins at LeConte Lodge

LeConte Lodge is a collection of rustic cabins, a dining hall and an office/meeting area. I took all of these photos on my recent hike, which was a rainy one.

My recent hike to Mt. Le Conte marked my 51st hike there. I first hiked to Mt. Le Conte with my church youth group when I was in high school. I’ve been fortunate to able to hike Mt. Le Conte almost yearly – and sometimes several times a year – since that first hike.

Most of my trips to Mt. Le Conte have included an overnight at LeConte Lodge, a collection of rustic cabins, dining hall and lodge. Here are some photos from my recent stay at LeConte Lodge.

LeConte Lodge

This is the view from the dining hall — looking up the stone steps. At the very top of the series of stairs is a trail — to the left is the Boulevard Trail and going to the right leads to Alum Cave, Rainbow Falls and Bullhead trails.


LeConte Lodge dining room

Kerosene lamps provide the lighting in the dining hall and in the cabins, as there’s no electricity. A flashlight or headlamp is a packing necessity for those who stay overnight. A hearty dinner and breakfast are included with an overnight stay. Hikers can purchase lunch.


Llamas as LeConte Lodge

The llamas make the roundtrip to LeConte Lodge three times a week, transporting linens and brining food for the crew. Most of the food served to guests is delivered by helicopter in March at the beginning of the season.


rockers on porch of LeConte Lodge office

On non-rainy days, hikers sit in the rockers and enjoy the view — or just enjoying sitting after making the hike to Mt. Le Conte. The only way to reach LeConte Lodge is by hiking.The shortest roundtrip hike Alum Cave Trail — 11 miles.


  1. Beautiful photos even with the rain!


  2. It’s so tempting to want to stay but I think we’ll go for a HUGE hike! I checked it out and it’s 3,000+ foot elevation. Now that’ll be the challenge. We’ve done 1,000+ a few times….


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