Spring here. Snow elsewhere.

La Chua Trail boardwalk - photo by Julie Dodd

The La Chua Trail is popular for seeing wildlife, including alligators and wading birds. High water that remains months after Hurricane Irma has closed the trail except for the boardwalk section.

It’s April, and it’s snowing. Snowing not just in Colorado and New England, but in Texas, Kentucky and Tennessee.

I wanted to post a reminder that Spring has arrived in some locations, including Gainesville — and surely will be reaching other parts of the country soon.

These photos are from Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park and the Gainesville-Hawthorne State Trail.

I always enjoy visits to state parks near Gainesville. I’ve enjoyed the state park visits even more so this week because the weather was terrific and because I knew so many others still are wearing winter coats and scraping frost off their car windshields.

Hoping Spring reaches you soon — and with no more surprise snow.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this on this unspring-like coolish, rainy day in NC. The irises you shared are especially beautiful!


    1. Kay – Glad to share Spring in FL with you in NC. The irises only bloom if there’s lots of rain and standing water and the right temperatures. So they don’t bloom every year. A real treat to see them!


  2. I love the wild native iris, Julie—maybe my favorite flower.


    1. Richard – I grew up in Tennessee with the purple iris as the state flower. I had hoped to bring some of the iris from my parents’ yard to plant in my yard in Florida, but the temperatures are too warm for those iris. I was so glad to discover Florida’s wild iris.


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