Separating our professional blog assignment from their personal blogs

Another aspect of the blogging assignment: What if they have their own blog already? Can they use it and make our required posts as part of their own blog rather than setting up a new blog account?

I had lunch today with Paige, a former adjunct for the course and a former student in the course. She’s a blog reader and also has maintained a blog. So I was interested in her thoughts about the blog assignment.

She told the story of a former (note: former) employee where she works who was fired over his blog. He had made posts about the business — positive blogs. Those posts wound up being found through a Google search. But other posts he made were, shall we say, inappropriate.

That story confirmed a concern I had. If we let the students use their own blogs, when we check their required posts, we may find out aspects of their lives that we really don’t want to know. So for the assignment, each student will set up a new blog account. 

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