The question and the real questions

One of the college’s secretaries told this story.

The secretary answered the phone in the departmental office. A woman identified herself as the parent of a student and said she had a question about her son’s class.

Her son had called her earlier that day to say that he had gone at 10 a.m. for his class, but the class wasn’t in the auditorium. He was very upset, his mother told the secretary. Really upset – and had called her. The mother’s question: What happened to her son’s class?

The secretary asked the mother if her son had checked with the departmental office or the course’s teacher. The mother said her son didn’t know how to do that. This was his first semester on campus.

The secretary asked for the course number. She then contacted the department in our college for that particular course and learned that the course meets 10th period, not 10 a.m.

This is the sixth week of the semester for this discovery. 

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