Playing games – board games, Wii Active, on an iPhone

Playing games

During the past month, I’ve played quite a few games.

With Wii Active, I set up my own fitness routine and worked out with skateboarding, basketball and tennis.

In a group discussion of iPhone/iTouch games, I downloaded a game we were discussing and was ready to play before that conversation had ended.

I’ve played Scrabble, Labyrinth, Battleships, I Spy with My Little Eye, and Rook.

In all cases, I was playing with others — ranging in ages from 3 to 75. With the Wii Active, we played one at a time. With the iPhone game, we each had the game on our individual phones and could play at our own chosen skill level.

What is one of your favorite games to play now and why is it a favorite?

What was one of your favorite childhood games and why was it a favorite?

Let’s limit the discussion to “indoor”games and not four-square or baseball.

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