5 tips for using New Year’s events you attend to help you find a job

Photo by drewbsaunders on Flickr

If you’re attending a New Year’s Eve party or a New Year’s Day football game party, you can use those opportunities to help you in your job quest.

Tip #1 – Let people know you are hunting for a job.

You don’t want to turn a festive event into a sad discussion of your job situation (even though you may have a sad situation), but you can let people know you’re job hunting. Some of the New Year’s events you may attend could be with friends and relatives who would be interested in your job-hunting success.

Tip #2 – Rehearse your “elevator speech” about your job hunting.

You want to have a brief summary of what kind of job you are looking for and your skills. Not more than a minute. (If people want to know more, they can ask.) Don’t use your elevator speech time to discuss your disappointments in job hunting or the unfairness of your previous job. Instead focus on what you can bring to a job in terms of skills and work ethics.

Tip #3 – Take your business cards.

As you are talking to people about your job hunt, you’ll get the sense of whether or not it would be appropriate to give them your business card. (Check my previous post about business cards.)

Tip #4 – Be careful in what you say about current or previous employers.

If you currently have a job (but not the one you want), you should be cautious in discussing your job search, as word could get back to your current employer. Avoid being critical of current or previous employers. Even if your criticism is accurate, you may come across as someone who is a complainer.

Tip #5 – Don’t be too aggressive about your job search.

Remember this is a party not a job fair. You don’t want to pressure one of the party-goers to set up a meeting with you and her colleague. You don’t want people to see you coming their way and head the other direction, as they’ve already heard from others that you are going to talk to them about your job hunt.

Happy New Year to all. To those who have been job hunting in 2011, best wishes that you find employment in 2012.

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