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Strategic Alliance at Podfest 2017

Networking at professional conferences

The opening big group session for Podfest 2017 in Orlando last week was called Strategic Alliance. The objective of the session was to help the more than 300 conference participants meet others attending the conference — and, hopefully, make at least a few strategic connections For almost two hours, we alternated between hearing short talks […]

business cards

4 tips for creating business cards

Having business cards is a useful part of your professional profile, especially if you are on the job market or are in college and anticipating going on the job market. I’ve asked Nicki Karimipour, a doctoral student at the University of Florida, to talk about decisions to be made in creating business cards. by Nicki […]

5 tips for using New Year’s events you attend to help you find a job

If you’re attending a New Year’s Eve party or a New Year’s Day football game party, you can use those opportunities to help you in your job quest. Tip #1 – Let people know you are hunting for a job. You don’t want to turn a festive event into a sad discussion of your job […]

7 tips for designing and using business cards

Business cards can be an important part of the job-searching process. You can’t always have your resume with you to hand out at unexpected business opportunities, and you don’t want to be writing your name and email address on a napkin to hand to a potential contact. A business card can provide basic contact information […]