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7 Factors to consider as you prepare your teaching presentation for a campus visit

A doctoral student contacted me asking for my advice as she prepared for her first campus visit for a faculty position. Here’s the situation: They haven’t told me which class I’ll be teaching, but I wonder if I will create my own lesson or if the search committee will tell me to present on a certain […]

Tips for making a research presentation as part of a faculty job interview

A research presentation is part of most faculty job interviews. Here are answers to four questions to help you be prepared for your research presentation.

Post-doc positions provide research and professional development

A major topic of discussion in my Mass Communication Teaching is the faculty job market. Doctoral students have asked about the possibility of post-doctoral programs as a job option. I’ve asked doctoral student Kelly Flowers to share some research she has done on post-doc positions. by Kelly Flowers Ph.D. student, University of Florida In an ideal world, […]

Negotiating a faculty job offer — factors beyond salary

What you’re hoping for — the call from the dean offering you a faculty job position. You are interested in saying “yes” to the position but want to try to get as good an offer as possible. In a previous post, I talked about considerations related to salary and benefits. But those aren’t the only […]

Tips for negotiating your salary when you’re offered a faculty job

You’ve received THE phone call. The dean (or director) has called to offer you the faculty job that you interviewed for. What are issues you should consider in negotiating the faculty job position? I’ve been asked that question by doctoral students who are in the job market, and I thought I’d share my advice in […]

Oversharing of personal information hurts job or graduate school application, teacher-student interaction

When I read Frank Bruni’s “Naked Confessions of the College-Bound,” I knew what he meant. Too much information. Not too much information as in too many facts or statistics to make a decision. But the kind of too much information when a person discloses information that is – well, too much. In Bruni’s commentary, he […]

David Fenton speaking at frank conference 2014

5 insights gained from attending a professional conference … connecting classroom learning with career expectations

An important element to effective teaching and learning is having students recognize the personal value of what they are learning in your class. Sometimes we need to state the connection in class because the connection that is obvious to us as teachers may not be evident to the students. What we hope is that they […]

UF graduation group photo - photo by Julie Dodd

Technology use makes college graduation a more personalized experience

If you haven’t been to a college graduation in a few years, you might be surprised at how technology is such a part of the graduation experience. I was a marshal at graduation for one of the University of Florida’s master’s degree ceremonies and will share some observations. [With almost 50,000 students, UF has several […]

Interviewing at UF's Career Showcase

Meg Jay’s ‘The Defining Decade’ provides advice for twentysomethings to maximize their time in college

Dr. Meg Jay’s “The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter — and how to make the most of them now” was recommended to me by Nicki Karimipour, a twentysomething doctoral student who is a teaching assistant with me. We both read the book and are discussing what we’ve found most interesting about the book. This […]

Meg Jay TED Talk

Meg Jay’s ‘The Defining Decade’ offers useful insights for Millennials and the teachers and bosses who work with them

I’m very interested in the Millennials, in large part because I am a college faculty member and have been teaching Millennials since they started arriving on campus about 2000. [The Millennial generation group has birth dates from 1982 to the early 2000’s.] Every semester, I work with about 200 Millennials in undergraduate and graduate courses […]