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Jeff Klinkenberg shares how he approaches interviewing and writing for his stories

Jeff Klinkenberg distributed a packet of his stories — published in The Tampa Bay Times and many destined to be published in another collection of his much admired feature stories. He then told us about those stories and the behind-the-scenes of getting those stories. He asks the questions that he knows that we, as teachers […]

Kenny Irby

Poynter’s Kenny Irby encourages group to promote discussion of diversity in our classes

Kenny Irby is asking us to get out of our “comfort zone” to talk about diversity. “No progress without struggle, “ he reminded us. He said that in the academy,  we need to be willing to have difficult conversations about diversity. When we use a case study or example to promote discussion of diversity, here […]

6 tips for handling the challenges caused by students adding your course

One of the unexpected challenges of teaching at the college level is add/drop. Add/drop is the official time students have to add or drop a course. This time period typically lasts for a few days or a week at the beginning of each semester. For students, the challenge is often financial. Adding a class past […]

3 tips for creating a syllabus

One of the most important homework projects for faculty is happening right now, before the start of school. Developing course syllabi. Here are three tips for creating a syllabus that will be a foundation for success for the semester for both you and for your students. Tip 1 – Start by determining your course goals […]

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Can computers take on grading essays — and do we teachers want that to happen?

Because I teach classes that focus on teaching media-writing fundamentals, I always have a stack of papers to grade. Those papers are with me for those times that provide grading opportunities. Not just at my desk but at doctors’ appointments, on airline flights, during halftimes of televised sports events, during long car rides (if someone […]

AEJMC Scholastic Journalism Division meeting provides great views and festive times in addition to learning opportunity

The AEJMC Scholastic Journalism Division meeting in St. Petersburg was professionally energizing and fun. The Poynter Institute is an excellent venue for our meeting, and Poynter faculty member Ellyn Angelotti provided a great kickoff session.Sessions included strategies for improving our teaching, including dozens of ideas for incorporating technology. Dow Jones News Fund Teacher of the […]

6 strategies for discouraging cheating in auditorium testing situations

Preparing and giving exams are important parts of the job for most teachers. Giving exams in large classes — those with more than 50 students — present some special challenges. I know that from my experience in teaching a course with more than 150 students. Here are some tips for promoting a good testing situation […]

8 tips for writing multiple-choice tests

With the end of the term at colleges and universities across the country, literally thousands of faculty members are developing multiple-choice exams. A multiple-choice exam is considered “easy” for teachers compared to other assessment approaches, such as essay exams. Developing a good multiple-choice test can save time in the grading but can take quite a […]

NBC’s two-hour Teacher Town Hall showed complexity of trying to improve education

* Home issues that hinder student learning. * Low teacher salaries. * Lack of support for teachers by school administrators. * Tenure. * Standardized testing. * School uniforms. * Technology to promote learning. * Technology gap. * Collaboration between schools and the community. All of those topics plus Melinda Gates’ perspective from the Bill & […]

4 tips for writing cover letters for job applications

For this week’s assignment, each student is identifying a media-related opportunity and writing a cover letter and resume to apply for that position. Even though most of the 278 students in the course have written a cover letter before, most have never written a cover letter to apply for a position.  Here are four tips […]