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Nadene Reynolds interviews Michaela Beeda

Job interviews: How to answer difficult questions

You have an appointment for a job interview, and you want to be ready. You’ve researched the company you are applying to. Your résumé is crafted for the specific job you are interviewing for. You have a professional interviewing outfit. You have determined the interview location so that you will be on time. You’ve rehearsed […]

Interviewing day - photo by Rachel Dugard

Job interviewing tips — Prepare, Rehearse, Be Confident

If you’re trying to get an internship or job, you know that a critical part of the hiring process is the job interview. Here are three tips for success for job interviews from Nadene Reynolds, Senior Assistant Director for Professional Development and Experience in the University of Florida’s Career Resource Center. Tip # 1 – […]

3 kinds of job interviews to be prepared for

A key part of getting a job is being successful in interviews. Often we envision the interview as being one-on-one with the person making the hiring decision. And that is how some interviews work. However, you need to be prepared for several other kinds of interview. 1. Being interviewed by a screener This kind of […]