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Photography decisions: To crop or not to crop

The assignment for next week is for the students to create a Soundslides presentation that fits into The Gator Nation campaign. This assignment has several learning components, but the main goal is for the students to practive and improve their photography skills. Their photography outcome primarily is determined by the photos they take — and […]

To have good photos, you need to have your camera

The Soundslides assignment requires students to take their own photos. A key part of this assignment is taking photos on campus, and that requires the students to have their cameras with them. Every day, the campus offers different photo opportunities — like these. I was talking with one of the course lecture assistants when I […]

Creating Soundslides for The Gator Nation

Blogging from 109 Little Hall during class — The lab assignment for next week is for each student to create a Soundslides presentation for The Gator Nation campaign. This assignment combines our discussion of integrated marketing — public relations and advertising — and thinking about reaching a broad audience. Lecture assistant Paige Madsen is explaining […]

Online media skills — audio, video, Soundslides and coding — can be incorporated into journalism curriculum

Incorporating online journalism into the curriculum is the topic for the first session at Poynter this morning. Mindy McAdams is making the presentation. Mindy has been on the curriculum committee for our Journalism Department at UF, so some what she’s sharing have been issues we’ve been talking about — either as a department or with […]

On assignment at HSJI — creating Soundslides story

Creating a Soundslides story is an assignment for the teachers in our class at the High School Journalism Institute. Janet and Bryan decided to tell the story of dining options in the student union. Janet interviewed one of the food service employees. Bryan recorded the sounds of the dining area that they will use to […]