Creating Soundslides for The Gator Nation

Blogging from 109 Little Hall during class — The lab assignment for next week is for each student to create a Soundslides presentation for The Gator Nation campaign. This assignment combines our discussion of integrated marketing — public relations and advertising — and thinking about reaching a broad audience.

Lecture assistant Paige Madsen is explaining how to create a Soundslides presention. Only two of the 90 students said that they have made a Soundslides.

This assignment moves the students from focusing on writing to thinking visually and taking their own photographs to tell the story of The Gator Nation.


  1. Hello Dr. Dodd,

    I recently uploaded my Soundslides presentation for The Gator Nation campaign to my Web site, so that others can view in online. The specific link is below.

    The general link is

    Please feel free to share the links with your readers. Comments on the presentation are welcome.

    Lorenzo aka “former” Gator-cast guy


    1. Lorenzo,
      When I saw that you’d posted a comment on my blog, I thought, “Not many students make the effort to check out my blog — or post a comment.”

      I clicked on the link to your blog and read your post about this assignment. I smiled when I read that you realized I had something up my sleeve when I’d asked the class to wear Gator gear. [Of course, you’ve been ready for such an assignment most of the semester with your orange and blue cast.]

      Then I clicked on your Soundslides. As “The Power of One Nation” played, I was thinking “Wow” with each slide — the concepts, the orange and blue highlighting (even with The Gator Nation color choices), the research you’d done, the power of the total slideshow, and the humor of the Donna Green-Townsend squirrel in orange in blue.

      The photos, the words and the music worked so well together.

      What a terrific Soundslides!

      I’d like to post it on my blog. Hope you’ll bring a copy to lecture. And let’s talk about the process you went through in creating such a professional and clever presentation.

      Go Gators,
      Julie Dodd


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