To have good photos, you need to have your camera

The Soundslides assignment requires students to take their own photos. A key part of this assignment is taking photos on campus, and that requires the students to have their cameras with them.

Every day, the campus offers different photo opportunities — like these.

The Mad Hatter and Alice were on the UF campus to distribute large playing cards that were invitations to A Mad Hatter's Ball. (Photo with my iPhone)

I was talking with one of the course lecture assistants when I saw this pair walking on the sidewalk across the street.

“Should I catch up with them and take their photo?” I asked myself.

I’d just come from lecture where Paige Madsen had talked with the students about the importance of having their cameras to be prepared to take those unexpected and unplanned photos.

Certainly The Mad Hatter and Alice qualified as an unexpected photo opportunity.

I ran across the street and caught up with them. They told me that I wasn’t the first one today to ask to take their photo.

This group of high school students were getting ready for a tour of campus. One teacher was giving directions, and the other was taking photographs of the group and the Bull Gator statue. (Photo with my iPhone)

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