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3 kinds of job interviews to be prepared for

A key part of getting a job is being successful in interviews. Often we envision the interview as being one-on-one with the person making the hiring decision. And that is how some interviews work. However, you need to be prepared for several other kinds of interview. 1. Being interviewed by a screener This kind of […]

5 strategies for making the most of job fairs

Career Showcase was last week with hundreds of recruiters and thousands of college students filling UF’s O’Connell Center for two days of handshaking, resume distributing, and dark suit wearing. I joined the crowd of students, but instead of being interviewed, I was taking photos and interviewing staff from UF’s Career Resource Center and recruiters for […]

Career Showcase

Instead of students in orange and blue in the O’Connell Center, hundreds of students in dark suits were lined up to talk with perspective employers about internships and jobs. More than 250 businesses participated in UF’s Career Showcase.