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Finding Funding during difficult economic times is important topic for scholastic journalism organizations

Sandy Woodcock, Newspaper Association of America Foundation (NAAF), discussed how NAAF is dealing with two major factors — big drop in the NAAF income due to the drop in the stock market in 2007 and the financial problems for the newspaper industry (causing media organizations to drop their NAA membership and to drop Newspaper in […]

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Quill & Scroll faces challenges of economy and technology

Brightly colored leaves. Temperatures that required de-icing the plane. I knew I wasn’t in Gainesville this weekend. I was at the University of Iowa for the annual meeting of the Quill & Scroll board of trustees. Q&S, an international high school journalism honorary, strives to promote high caliber publication and individual performance. Much of our […]

Exciting convention for the Mentoring Program

The board voted to extend the program through the 2012-2013 school year. The board voted to increase the funding for the program that will allow for training more mentors each year. The first Mentor Forum went well with 11 attending the 1st Mentor Forum. Lots of idea swapping and team building. The convention program included […]

Working lunch to plan Soundslides project

A fun part of our daily routine was being able to go as a group to lunch on most days during the week. These were working lunches, with us talking as a group on issues related to advising or with partners planning their Soundslides project.

Telling a story with Soundslides

One of the technology learning experiences for the class was creating a Soundslides presentation. The class worked in pairs — determining a topic for the story they would tell, taking the photos, and recording the audio. Colleague Judy Robinson taught the class how to use Audacity and Garageband to edit their audio files. The teams […]

On assignment at HSJI — creating Soundslides story

Creating a Soundslides story is an assignment for the teachers in our class at the High School Journalism Institute. Janet and Bryan decided to tell the story of dining options in the student union. Janet interviewed one of the food service employees. Bryan recorded the sounds of the dining area that they will use to […]

Sound check for Soundslides presentation

Judy and Melanie made sure the audio recorders were ready. After Judy explained how to use the recorders, each team received a recorder and headset to use for the afternoon assignment of recording audio and taking photos for a Soundslides presentation.