Hiking views in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Little River - photo by Julie Dodd

The Little River was running strong due to recent rain.

Hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is always uplifting and challenging.

I was fortunate recently to spend almost two weeks in the Smokies. A highlight (literally) was hiking to Mt. Le Conte, the third highest peak the Smokies. At times we were hiking inside a cloud. Other times, the sky was clear and the view was of ridge after ridge of mountain ranges.

I thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the views I had, so I’m sharing photos from my hikes. Take a deep breath and see if you can feel the breeze, the cooler temperature and maybe a little mist on your face.

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  1. […] — mountain laurel, rushing mountain streams and rhododendron — were taken during hikes in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a favorite location since I hiked there with my family and Girl Scout […]


  2. We have been looking forward to a month in the Smokies – but alas, some minor health concerns caused us to have to cancel. Now we will be glad if we get a week there soon. We stayed for a week in a cabin years ago. We were looking forward to a month there in our motor home. But a week will do…we can’t wait to double-knot our hiking boots, adjust our hiking sticks, put on our packs and start climbing!!!


    1. Best wishes for good health and no more RV engine or tire troubles so that you can get to the Smokies for some hiking. I enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about your RV-ing ventures.

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      1. Thanks Julie! I stumbled on your post about Mt. Le Conde. Somehow we missed learning about it when we were there years ago! Can’t wait to get there and that may be our highlight!


      2. Debbie – Hiking to Mt. Le Conte indeed is a highlight of hiking in the Smokies! Here’s another post I wrote about Mt. Le Conte — https://juliedodd.net/2017/06/30/leconte-lodge-in-smokies/ Great if you can stay overnight but getting reservations is challenging. Do-able day hike. Here’s the link to LeConte Lodge info — https://www.lecontelodge.com

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      3. Thank you! I did love reading about your time sitting on the lodge porch and watching the sunset! But we love our motorhome, so it would be hard to not make it a huge day! We’ve done a few 10 mile hikes recently – in training for the smokies! I’ll check out your other post!


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